Programs, Events, & Classes

Save Alia! Turing Tumble Puzzles and Challenges

Solve puzzles using marbles, switches, and gears to help rescue Alia the space engineer from a seemingly deserted planet.

STEM Tutoring and Homework Help

Sign up for assistance with your math, biology, physics, or chemistry assignments.

Snark Attack: Midweek Movie

What could be more fun than watching a bad movie and talking all the way through it?

Speedcubing Club

Impress your friends! Solve a 3x3 Rubik's Cube or learn to solve it faster.

Korean Lantern Making

Make a lovely lotus flower lantern, gain a glimpse into Korean culture, and enjoy authentic Korean desserts.

Double Peruvian Wave Bracelets

Make a spectacular, reversible bracelet using an ancient technique from Peru.

Intro to Movie Making

Create your own videos and movies using the Danbury Library’s Video Recording suite inside Studio 170!

Snowshoeing at Tarrywile Park

Explore the winter landscape of Tarrywile Park as you trek through the snow. No experience necessary!

Minecraft World Builders Challenge Workshops: Minecraft Coding

Jump into the world of Minecraft in this immersive workshop series.