Programs, Events, & Classes

chess pieces

Chess Club

Learn beginner moves or enhance your strategy for more experienced players!

3D&D: RPG Meetup and Making

Play D&D and use tools in the new Makerspace to make the game come alive.

Speedcubing Club

Can you solve a 3x3 Rubik's cube? Learn how or how to solve them faster!

Sensory Play!

Enjoy hands-on, minds-on explorations and experimentations with common materials.
blue brick wall with neon hands cheers

Trivia Night

Join us for a night of trivia at Charter Oak Brewery or on Zoom!

MakerTalk: Mark Kilpatrick, Founder of Affinity Esports

Kilpatrick will share his experiences starting the esports and gaming company, Affinity Esports.

Baseball and the Presidency

Learn about the relationship between various presidents and America’s favorite pastime.