No meeting room reservations or walk-ins accepted at this time. Room bookings are expected to resume in September.



The Farioly Program Room, Lower Level Meeting Room, the Technology Center Conference Room, and the Study Pod may be used on a walk-in basis free of charge for up to two hours. One two-hour extension may be granted at the end of the session based on the room’s availability. For walk-in availability and extensions, individuals should contact the Information Services Desk.

Advanced Reservations

For Individuals

Patrons may make advanced reservations to use the Pod on the library’s main floor for studying, small meetings, and interviews.

To reserve the Pod in advance, please submit a reservation request online. Room bookings are not confirmed until the reservation has been approved by staff.

Please review our room use policy and call the library if you have any questions.

Study Pod
  • Reserve for up to 2 hours
  • Seats 4
  • Connect to TV with HDMI

For Organizations

The Danbury Library provides meeting rooms as one of the Library’s basic services and makes these spaces available to community organizations and groups engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or civic activities.

Fees: Room use fees are determined by the address of the organization.

To be considered for a non-profit rate, your organization must provide a copy of your tax-exempt status. Organizations without non-profit status will be charged at a for-profit rate.

City of Danbury departments and other city-supported organizations are exempt from room use charges.

Please see the fee schedule below for pricing and room use policy for details.

Farioly Room
  • Seats 60
  • Built-in projector & screen
  • Four 6-foot tables
  • Kitchenette with sink, refrigerator, & microwave

Lower Level Meeting Room
  • Seats 30
  • Built-in projector & screen
  • Six 4-foot folding tables

Technology Center Conference Room
  • Seats 10-12
  • Conference table
  • Built-in whiteboard & screen

Technology Center Computer Lab
  • Seats 33
  • 29 PC computer stations
  • Built-in projector & screen

Study Pod
  • Reserve for up to 2 hours
  • Seats 4
  • Connect to TV with HDMI

Fee Schedule:

Room Nonprofit (Danbury) Nonprofit (Other) For-Profit (Danbury) For-Profit (Other)
Farioly Program Room $30/hr $50/hr $100/hr $120/hr
Technology Conference Room $15/hr $30/hr $60/hr $80/hr
Lower Level Meeting Room $20/hr $40/hr $80/hr $100/hr
Technology Computer Lab $40/hr $60/hr $120/hr $140/hr
Study Pod Free Free Free Free

*An additional $25 charge for technology equipment (projectors, players, etc).
* FRIENDS of the Danbury Library members receive a $10/hr. discount.


You must read the Room Use Policy in full before submitting a reservation request. Rooms are available only when the library is open. Please check the library hours to ensure the proper scheduling of your meeting. If you are interested in booking for multiple dates (more than three), please contact the library at 203-797-4505.