Programs, Events, & Classes

Let’s Look Up! Let’s Investigate!

Learn about phenomena of the universe and how to distinguish them from UFOs.

Great Balls of Fire! Asteroids, Comets, & Meteors

Discover how asteroids and comets can help inform the future of space travel and our planet.

Native American Food Systems

Learn about the living networks that comprised the food systems of American indigenous peoples.

Danbury Library Rockhounds!

People who enjoy hunting for rocks are called rockhounds. Are you a rockhound?

Bite Force: The Strongest Jaws in the Animal Kingdom

Find out which animals have the strongest chompers!

Nature Explorers: Prehistoric!

Travel far into the past to learn about the amazing creatures from prehistoric times.

STEM @ Home

Try fun science experiments using items you already have around your house!

Nature Explorers

Dive into the wild and wondrous world of nature each week with Darcy!

Engineering Mother Goose

Use household items to engineer solutions for classic characters in fairy tales and nursery rhymes!