Programs, Events, & Classes

Our Sustainable Future Talk Series with Dr. Mitch Wagener

Dr. Wagener of WestConn's Biology Dept. discusses the future of sustainable energy, agriculture, and land use.

“Energy in Action” Mobile Exhibit: Empowering Tomorrow’s Sustainable Generation

Interactive exhibition designed to inspire the energy-efficient leaders of tomorrow!

Science Heroes: Break the Ice!

Professor Noble must use science to stop an icy villain who’s trying to freeze the planet!

What is it Wednesdays!

Nature is strange! Explore different objects with Miss Darcy.

Danbury Library Rockhounds!

People who enjoy hunting for rocks are called rockhounds. Are you a rockhound?

Nature Explorers: Insects!

Go itsy bitsy as we talk about creatures with wings, segmented bodies, and multiple legs!

Botany Explorers

Join Darcy as she learns about plants and tours local gardens!

Nature Explorers: Prehistoric!

Travel far into the past to learn about the amazing creatures from prehistoric times.