Programs, Events, & Classes

Danbury Library Rockhounds!

People who enjoy hunting for rocks are called rockhounds. Are you a rockhound?

Go Batty at the Library!

Flap your leathery wings and join us for International Bat Day!

Bite Force: The Strongest Jaws in the Animal Kingdom

Find out which animals have the strongest chompers!

Earth Day: Revenge of the Toxic Robot

Join Talewise for an interactive Earth Day science adventure!

Botany Explorers

Join Darcy as she learns about plants and tours local gardens!

Herb and Kitchen Garden Talk

Learn how to grow your own consumables -- herbs, veggies, and fruit.

Nature Explorers: Insects!

Go itsy bitsy as we talk about creatures with wings, segmented bodies, and multiple legs!

Grab & Go: Arbor Day Tree Saplings

Celebrate Arbor Day by planting a new tree!

Getting Danbury on the Pollinator Pathway

Help protect and preserve important pollinators in Danbury.