Programs, Events, & Classes

From Guts to Galaxies: Evolution on Many Scales

Ever wonder how everything around us has evolved – no matter the size?

Women in STEM Series

Create unique crafts inspired by famous women in STEM!

Earth in Crisis

Explore the changing climate and the impact it has on our earth.

Nature Explorers

In this mini-series, we will explore the colors of the rainbow, owls, and frogs!

Danbury Kite Builders

Design your own diamond or box kite to take home.

10 Minutes to Save the Planet

Discuss how climate change is impacting Connecticut and steps we can take to reduce carbon emissions.

Environmental Awareness: Learn to Upcycle!

Learn fun and easy ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and create a necklace from recycled bottle caps!

Eagle Talk with Ginny Apple

Learn about these magnificent birds of prey that so fascinate onlookers.

Test Tube Science

Conduct four science experiments ranging from mixing colors to making a hurricane!