Programs, Events, & Classes

Q&A with Rev. Michael Carter from TV’s ‘Ancient Aliens’

Rev. Michael Carter from ‘Ancient Aliens’ takes your questions in this exclusive Q&A session.

Berkshires UFO: The Evidence, Backlash and Congressional Hearings with Thom Reed

Thom Reed presents compelling evidence, recounts backlash experiences, and delves into Congressional hearings.

How To Hunt Ghosts: A Program for Young Adults

Ghost hunter Barry Pirro returns to share how to hunt, his creepiest cases, and audio/visual recordings of haunted activity!

100 Years of Connecticut Sightings with Linda Zimmermann

Take a historical plunge into the rich tapestry of Connecticut sightings spanning a century.

Alien Abduction Phenomena: A Journey of Investigation and Discovery with Peter Robbins

Embark on an exploration of the enigmatic world of alien abduction with Peter Robbins.

Unveiling They Live: Craft Your Alien Mask with Jhonny Parks

Step into the shoes of a special effects artist and bring a piece of movie history to life.

Light Years to Earth with Marc D’Antonio

Delve into the mysteries of the cosmos, sparking thoughts and wonder about our place in the universe.