Programs, Events, & Classes

Among Us Gaming Zone

Join us in playing the game "Among Us" in this outer space game of deduction and mystery.

Danbury Library Rockhounds!

People who enjoy hunting for rocks are called rockhounds. Are you a rockhound?

Go Batty at the Library!

Flap your leathery wings and join us for International Bat Day!

LEGO Maniacs Series

Everything is awesome when you’re a LEGO Maniac!

Grab & Go: Gardening for Preschoolers

Follow along with Ms. Christine to start your own tasty veggie garden!

Welcome to the Real World: Budgeting for Teens

Take charge of your life by learning to master your money in this fun, interactive program!

Teen Council

By joining Teen Council, you commit to attending meetings and using your energy and creativity to help the Junior Librarians.

Inner Energy & Mindfulness with Sahaja Meditation

Harness the power of Sahaja Meditation to become better balanced and more connected to yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Kids in the Kitchen

Prepare tasty meals together as a family with the help of Food Explorers!