Programs, Events, & Classes

former teen council members

Teen Council

Members of the Teen Council assist the Junior Librarians with programs — hosting games, putting on plays, or helping with ...
ocean inside of a jar

Summer in a Jar

Create a mini seascape / aquarium inside of a jar.
purple and white yarn

Thursday Threads

Do you love to make things out of yarn or thread? Come join us!
free summer lunch for kids

Free Lunch for Kids

Starting in July, free lunch will be offered to those 18 and under Monday to Friday.
sun coming out of book

Summer Reading Challenges

Reading is its own reward, but it can also earn you prizes and experiences at the Danbury Library this summer!
zumba class

Family Zumba with the YMCA!

Join in this interactive, fat burning, cardio class! Simple trainings for all levels.
speaker at CT women's hall of fame

Celebrating 300 Years of Connecticut’s Remarkable Women

Join us for an interactive multi-media program by the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame and learn about some of our ...
pretend weather forecast

Video-Maker Workshop Series: Be A Weather Forecaster!

Create your own weather forecast under the guidance of student meteorologists of the Western Connecticut State University’s Weather Center.
silhouettes and speech bubbles of people talking

Network Your Way to Job/Career Success

Learn and practice networking techniques to find employment opportunities and advance your career goals.