Programs, Events, & Classes

Crash Lab!

Can you smash your way to success? Discover forces and motion by crashing cars and playing virtual tug-of-war.

Inner Energy & Mindfulness with Sahaja Meditation

Harness the power of Sahaja Meditation to become better balanced and more connected to yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Turn Your Ho-Hum Career Into Something You Love (Even in the Middle of a Pandemic)

Consider the value and purpose for your career, explore possibilities for the future, and take action.

Writing a Successful College Application Essay

Get into the college you want by writing an outstanding essay!

JobNow Information Sessions

If you’re actively looking for a job, join us for an overview of the JobNow Database!

Virtual Road Trips (3 Part Series)

Journey to 3 different continents and showcase your virtual road trip with a fun powerpoint presentation.

“Spark Joy” the KonMari Way

Tidy and declutter your home or office environment to create a more balanced lifestyle.

Kids in the Kitchen: Quesadillas

This month make tasty southwest quesadillas with guacamole for your family!
illustration of people sitting with laptops at the edge of a giant laptop

Girls Who Code 2020

Join this sisterhood of supportive peers & role models using computer science to change the world!