Programs, Events, & Classes

Making Sense of the World with our Senses and Tools

Explore the transformation of the simple parts that transform to create our complex universe.

Platinum Queen: Elizabeth II and the British Monarchy

Elizabeth II remains the final link between Britain and its imperial past. Discuss the personal and political history of her ...

The Diary of Anne Frank and Personal Narratives of the Holocaust

Explore the legacy of Anne Frank’s diary and the diaries of other young people who wrote during the Holocaust.
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BookTalk: Book Discussions for Adults

Join us in-person or virtually for these engaging book discussions!

Danbury Library Rockhounds!

People who enjoy hunting for rocks are called rockhounds. Are you a rockhound?

Spooky Silly Storytime

Join Penny Dreadful for some fun, silly - and maybe just the tiniest bit spooky - stories.

Nature Explorers: Prehistoric!

Travel far into the past to learn about the amazing creatures from prehistoric times.

STEM @ Home

Try fun science experiments using items you already have around your house!

Globe Trekkers

Ready to explore the world? Discover a new corner of the planet each epsiode!