Programs, Events, & Classes

The Home Buying Experience: Be in the Know!

Learn from three licensed professionals in lending, real estate, and home inspections who will guide you through buying a home.

My Beautiful Detour: Author Talk with Amy Oestreicher

Amy Oestreicher shares the story of her beautiful detour, empowering others to find gratitude in setbacks and discover inner strength. ...

Let’s Talk About Heart Health

Find out about the potential risks of heart disease and learn strategies to prevent them.

It’s Inevitable: What You Should Know About Recent Tax Changes

Discuss recent tax changes, both on the state and federal level, with financial advisor Dixon Downey, APMA.

Aging Mastery with Regional YMCA of Western CT

Take small, innovative steps to improve your health, financial well-being, and overall quality of life.

Arthritis and Chronic Pain: Alternative Approaches to Preventing and Relieving Joint Disease

Learn more about this common affliction and explore steps to relieve or prevent joint disease.

Women of History

Discover the amazing women who made history as explorers, inventors, swashbucklers, and record breakers.

Bass Fishing in Connecticut

Join angler Dylan Napoleone for this captivating informational session.

Danbury’s Women of the Revolution

Learn about the heroic lives of women in the Revolutionary War in Danbury.