Programs, Events, & Classes

Edgar Allan Poe House Tour

Join us for a virtual tour of The Edgar Allan Poe House and learn about his life, mysterious death, and ...

Behind the Paranormal with Paul and Ben Eno: Open Lines on the Betty & Barney Hill Abduction Case with Kathleen Marden

Kathleen Marden, niece of Betty & Barney Hill, discuss that landmark 1961 alien abduction case on "Behind the Paranormal."

UFOs in Connecticut: Past and Present

Delve into the case files of some of the most interesting UFO sightings reported in CT.

Animal Reactions to UFOs

Animals often sense the presence of a UFO before people do, but how?

Bewitched: Fashion of the Salem Witch Trials

Explore this unique period of American history through fashion.

Ouija Boards

Explore the mysterious history of the Ouija board with paranormal investigator, Barry Pirro.

Let’s Look Up! Let’s Investigate!

Learn about phenomena of the universe and how to distinguish them from UFOs.

UFOs, Aliens and Poltergeists

Explore the "crossover phenomena" between UFOs and ghost and poltergeist activity.

What ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Concealed: The Berkshires UFO Incident

Find out about the only UFO encounter to be officially archived as "historically true."