Programs, Events, & Classes

beams of yellow light

Light Painting

Create brilliant light painting using only your phone or a camera!

Harry Potter Celebration & Trivia

Celebrate Harry Potter's Birthday with some special, fun activities!

Draco and the Malfoy’s Wizard Rock Concert

Love Harry Potter? Think you're a Slytherin? Wear your sharpest robes and come rock out to Draco and the Malfoys!
three children surrounding a tablet and the center child waving a wand

Harry Potter Kano Coding Workshop

Use a coding want to create spell motions, magical creatures, and mystical artifacts!
illustration of child with robot

Little STEAMers

Learn about science, technology, art, mathematics, and engineering... all while playing!
popcorn and tickets

Monday Movie Madness

Join your friends at the Library for an after-lunch movie!

Mythology Mondays

Learn about mythological goddesses, gods, monsters, and more!

Middle School Summer Reading Project Support

Need a hand with your summer projects? Visit the library for basic supplies and help from library staff!

Book Buddies

Pair up with a Teen Council member to do your summer reading!