Programs, Events, & Classes

Kids in the Kitchen

Cook dinner for your family using low-cost, healthy ingredients along with us on Zoom!

Dare To Prepare: New Drivers and Their Parents

This pre-permit workshop will explain driver education, permits, and the driver license process for CT.

AAA Lunch and Learn: Smart Features for Older Drivers

Looking for a new car? Consider features for safety, ergonomics, and comfort.

Inner Energy & Mindfulness with Sahaja Meditation

Harness the power of Sahaja Meditation to become better balanced and more connected to yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

8 Career Strategies for Success in Post-Pandemic Times

Learn eight strategies to build career resilience and help you adjust to evolving market demands.

Turn Your Ho-Hum Career Into Something You Love (Even in the Middle of a Pandemic)

Consider the value and purpose for your career, explore possibilities for the future, and take action.

Exploding Bag Science Experiment

Follow along with Miss Tracy for a simple science experiment that you can do at home.