Programs, Events, & Classes

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Learn Meditation

Sahaja Yoga Mediation is a simple, time-honored technique that is easy to learn.

Introduction to Podcasting

This four class series will provide you with the skills and background to create a podcast.
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Talk Time: English Conversation Group

Join us for an informal conversation group to practice and improve your English skills.
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Collaboration in the Cloud

Heard about "the cloud?" Come learn about what it is and how it can be used for co-working and storage.
origami ribbons

3D Origami Ribbons Workshop

Make 3D origami ribbons with Maker-in-Residence, Nghiep K. Luu.
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Job Networking Group

Meet up with other job seekers to share tips, tricks, and techniques with the occasional guest lecturer.

Introduction to Arduino

Find out what you can do with a tiny, yet powerful Arduino microcontroller.
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Exploding Popsicle Sticks!

We'll be making cobra weave chains out of craft sticks, and then letting them "explode."
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Movie Sound FX Workshop

Learn a bit about foley artists and try your hand at making sounds for film.