Programs, Events, & Classes


Art Studio for Kids

Create an art project inspired by a famous artist!
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Writers’ Critique Group

A friendly peer response opportunity for local writers of all skill levels & genres.
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Learn Meditation

Sahaja Yoga Mediation is a simple, time-honored technique that is easy to learn.

8 Point Mindfulness

Increase your patience, flexibility, focus and personal resilience through the practice of mindfulness.
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Social Security: Planning for the Future

Maximize, project, and protect your Social Security and other retirement income.
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Aging Mastery Program with the YMCA

Take small steps towards improving your health and well-being to make life more fun and meaningful.
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Job Networking Group

Meet up with other job seekers to share tips, tricks, and techniques with the occasional guest lecturer.

Earring Making with Joan Lloyd

With your imagination and Joan's instruction, there is no limit to what you can create.

Introduction to Arduino

Hands-on experience with a tiny, yet powerful Arduino microcontroller.