Programs, Events, & Classes

illustration of resumes, a pencil, and the corner of a keyboard

Resumé Basics

Create your own resumé selecting from dozens of pre-formatted styles using Winway Resumé®.
winter scene with cabin and christmas tree

Photoshop for the Holidays

Use photoshop to create holiday cards with your own family photos or artwork.
anthropomorphized school supplies walking down the road

Start Fresh This School Year

Start the new school year fresh with a squeaky-clean library card!
fox and bear illustrations reading

Fall Storytimes

Introduce your little ones to the wonders of reading and music at summer storytime!
girl and a brown dog

Read to a Dog

Practice reading out loud to a furry new friend.
purple flower on a black background

Learn Meditation

Sahaja Yoga Mediation is a simple, time-honored technique that is easy to learn.
man in sweater sitting at a cafe facing away

Navigating the Job Search at 50+

Don't miss this interactive seminar focused on job searching in the digital age for job seekers over 50.
two chefs cooking in an a professional kitchen

Opening and Operating a Successful Restaurant

Find out Mark Moeller's "recipe for success" for opening and running a successful restaurant.
greg dwyer laughing and revealing a cat drawing to a crowd

The Magic of Communication

Former illusionist Greg Dwyer will show you how to use your natural abilities to reach your full potential.