Programs, Events, & Classes

Sumi E Painting

Learn to appreciate the subtlety of this long practiced art form.

Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Spend an afternoon making your own rubber band bracelet at the library!

All About Hedgehogs!

Spring is here and the hedgehogs are out to play!

Grab & Go: Bunny Craft

Grab a kit with all the materials you need to make a bunny craft!

Sewing Series for Kids

Use basic sewing techniques to create plushies of sweet treats!

Hand Dot Art

Trace your hand with dots of color to create an interesting design!

Afternoon Art

Drop into the library during spring break for art projects!

Sybil Ludington: A Connecticut Hero

Dr. Darla Shaw brings Sybil Ludington to life as a grandmother retelling the story of her famous ride.

Nature Art: Fish in the Sky Craft

Use natural and recycled materials to make a fun craft!