Programs, Events, & Classes

Healthy Indulgences: Chocolate Workshop

Learn the value of healthy indulgence and why celebrating with food is positive to our well being.

The 6 Dynamics of Health and Longevity

Start resolving your health issues naturally, regain energy, lose weight, balance hormones, restore health and regain vitality.

Inner Energy & Mindfulness: Sahaja Meditation

Become better balanced and more connected to yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Arthritis and Chronic Pain: Alternative Approaches to Preventing and Relieving Joint Disease

Learn more about this common affliction and explore steps to relieve or prevent joint disease.

Healthy Snack Basics

Food Explorers will teach you about nutrition basics and healthy food choices. Then make a delicious snack!

Allergies and a Natural Medicine Solution

Identify and treat allergies and allergy symptoms without the use of drugs.