Programs, Events, & Classes

chess pieces

Chess Club

Beginner and experienced players welcome!
hand holding polygonal dice

Dungeons & Dragons RPG Meetup

Learn the game, stay for the adventure...

Harry Potter Celebration & Trivia

Celebrate Harry Potter's Birthday with some special, fun activities!
three children surrounding a tablet and the center child waving a wand

Harry Potter Kano Coding Workshop

Use a coding want to create spell motions, magical creatures, and mystical artifacts!
illustration of child with robot

Little STEAMers

Learn about science, technology, art, mathematics, and engineering... all while playing!

Mythology Mondays

Learn about mythological goddesses, gods, monsters, and more!

Galactic Games

Join us for bingo and board games on Wednesdays!

Programming With Marbles

Solve puzzles using marbles, switches, and gears to help rescue Alia the space engineer from a seemingly deserted planet.
illustrated children dancing

Music & Movement

Jump, hop, dance, and wiggle to the music during this weekly movement class.