All Together Now

June 17 – August 18

Summer 2023 Wrapped Up

Thank you for spending your summer with us, Danbury!

Over 800 people took the pledge to read all summer long this year. We collected thousands of raffle tickets for days read, activities played, and events attended! Congratulations to our lucky prize winners.

Be sure to check out our calendar for a look at all the fun things that are coming up next.

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Summer Selections

Library staff members are always happy to help you find your next book to read. Below are links to booklists containing some of Danbury Library’s recommendations for great reads this summer!

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Governor’s Challenge

If you would like to keep a reading log this summer, you can print out a copy of the Governor’s Reading Challenge log for home use. This log is NOT a requirement of the library’s All Together Now Summer Program. It’s just for you!

Governor’s Challenge