The World According to Gerri Griswold of White Memorial Conservation Center

Globe-trotting Gerri Griswold revisits some of her most beloved photographs from journeys through Europe, Russia, and South America.

Join her on a houseboat in Paris and a windmill in the Netherlands. Ride on a sure-footed Icelandic horse across a frozen lake in the north of Iceland. Wander the cobblestone streets of Normandy’s Mont Saint Michel and the avenues of Neolithic Carnac in Brittany. From the top of a dormant volcano on Easter Island to the base of the Andes in remarkable Chilean Patagonia to streets lined with silver shops in Taxco to the beautiful, horrible, terrible, wonderful monster, Mexico City.

Stunning visuals and stories abound!

Gerri Griswold is an educator with White Memorial Conservation Center.

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