A maximum of 50 total items may be checked out at a time.

Item Checkout Period Renewable Overdue Fine
Books 21 days 2x 10¢ / day
New Books 14 days 2x 25¢ / day
DVDs 7 days 2x 25¢ / day
Blu-rays 7 days 2x 25¢ / day
Music CDs 21 days 2x 10¢ / day
Books on CD 21 days 2x 10¢ / day
Playaways 21 days 2x 10¢ / day
Language Materials 21 days 2x 10¢ / day
Magazines [except current issue] 21 days Not renewable -0-
Placing Holds

Danbury residents and taxpayers may request that books, movies and other materials that are currently checked out to other customers be held for them when they are returned. Eligible patrons may also place holds on available items from home to be put aside.

Holds are limited to 25 per library card. Once a hold becomes ready for pickup, you will be notified by phone or by email, depending upon your preference. Once the hold is ready for pickup, it will be held for three days.

How to Place a Hold Online

Freezing Holds

If circumstances arise in which you will not be able to pickup your holds for a certain period of time, you may choose to “freeze” your holds and they will not activate for pickup until you are ready to “unfreeze” them.

To freeze a hold, access your account and visit your list of holds. On each item you wish to freeze, tick the “Freeze” checkbox and click “Update List”.

Once the hold is frozen, if they come up in the hold queue, the hold will skip them and move to the next in line. When you “unfreeze” the holds, you will return to your former place in line.

Lost or Damaged materials

Library materials should be returned in good condition.  Replacement and processing fees will be assessed to the borrower account for items returned with damages.  Damage includes but is not limited to:

  • Water damage
  • Burned or ripped covers, cases or pages
  • Ripped or removed labels or barcodes
  • Dirt, sand, food or other substances adhered to materials
  • Highlighting or underlining of text
  • Bed bugs or other pests
Replacing a Lost or Damaged Item
  1. You may pay for the item by paying the cost listed in the library’s database plus a non-refundable $5.00 processing fee for the item. Refunds for the cost of the item can only be issued if the material is returned within 30 days of payment.
  2. You may purchase a new replacement for the item, excluding digital devices which must be replaced by paying the cost listed in the library’s database plus a non-refundable $5.00 processing fee.  The replacement must be an exact match for the item that was damaged or lost.  A non-refundable $5.00 processing fee will be due with the replacement.

If you are replacing a book, ask the clerk for the ISBN number as you will need this to order a replacement.

Just remember that if you replace the item it must be new.  You may not order used copies.  If the item is out of print, an exception may be made or you may be asked to purchase the newer version of the item.