Bite Force: The Strongest Jaws in the Animal Kingdom

The average strength of a human’s bite is 162 pounds per square inch. Which is a lot! But, it’s nothing compared to nature’s best chompers! Join us each week as we discover who has the strongest jaws in all the animal kingdom!

Week 1: Polar Bear
Week 2: Gorilla
Week 3: Bull Shark
Week 4: Jaguar
Week 5: Hippopotamus
Week 6: American Alligator
Week 7: Saltwater Crocodile
Week 8: Nile Crocodile

Nature lovers ages 5 and up are welcome!

Registration is not required. Please note, this is a pre-recorded virtual event on Facebook. Tune in when it airs live, or visit our Facebook at a later time and watch it then. You do not need a Facebook account to participate. Come join us at