Danbury residents share stories about their families, their love of Danbury, and their histories in this city in the Danbury Library’s Studio 170 audio and video recording spaces. We believe the voices and experiences of Danbury residents weave a rich tapestry and we hope to capture those treasured memories with this project.*

If you are interested in participating and sharing your story, please send us an email at dplrecording@danburylibrary.org.

*The content of oral history is personal, experiential, and interpretive because, by its nature, it relies on the memories, perceptions, and opinions of individuals. The views and opinions expressed by the interviewee are his or her own and do not reflect or represent the opinions of the City of Danbury or the Danbury Public Library. While all reasonable attempts are made to avoid inaccuracy, interviews should not be understood as statements of fact or opinion endorsed by the City of Danbury or the Danbury Public Library.