Tower Gardening at the Danbury Library

What is the Tower Garden Project?

The Tower Garden Project is an innovative initiative at Danbury Library that brings the wonders of gardening indoors. Using advanced vertical gardening techniques, we’re cultivating a lush, green space right here in the heart of the library.

How can you get involved?

Attend Workshops

Join our workshops to discover the secrets of Tower Gardening.

Gardening Workshops

Explore with PlantNet

Download the PlantNet app on your smartphone. It’s like having a personal plant detective! Identify plants, learn about their care, and deepen your connection with nature.


UCONN Master Gardener Partnership

We’re proud to partner with the UCONN Master Gardener Program. Their expertise enriches our project, ensuring the Tower Garden thrives under the care of seasoned gardeners.

UCONN Master Gardeners

Real Food CT Collaboration

Join hands with Real Food CT, a community-driven organization passionate about sustainable and local food. Together, we’re growing a healthier, more connected community.

Real Food CT

Learn More

Dive into the science and technology behind Tower Gardening at Discover how this vertical garden system is revolutionizing the way we grow fresh, healthy produce.

Tower Garden