Milestones: 12 – 24 months

Kit Contents

1 See-Inside Sorting Bucket with 12 shapes: Children improve hand-eye coordination as they drop the shape pieces through the matching holes in the lid on the bucket. They can look inside the bucket to watch the shapes fall, observing cause and effect. Plus, children can explore the shapes and stack them on top of each other, developing balance and coordination.

3 Board Books: All three books feature eye-catching images and focus on early vocabulary, including colors, household objects, and parts of the body. Visit the Danbury Library for more books to read with your child.

1 Hand Held Mirror: For infants 6+ months. The mirror toy can be used for self awareness and physical development.

20 Activity Cards: The cards are packed with helpful information and daily activities to help you interact with your baby.

4 Discovery Boxes: As children sort the pieces into the boxes, they build cognitive skills by matching similar items (for example, by color). Children also begin to recognize colors and build vocabulary as they learn words for familiar objects.

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