Milestones: Birth – 12 months

Kit Contents

1 Sassy Mirror: This mirror can be used to encourage “tummy time”, which helps strengthen an infant’s core muscles. The mirror’s bright colors engage children and the mirror promotes self-awareness.

6 Photo Cards & 6 Baby Sign Cards: The cards are designed to stimulate language development. Even before infants can say words, they can learn to use gestures (baby signs) to communicate their needs and wants.

1 Peekaboo Sensory Fish: Each scale is made from a different fabric so children can explore different textures and sounds. Plus, the fish is ideal for playing games like peekaboo and hide-and-seek. Games like these aid in cognitive development.

1 Hand Held Mirror: For infants 6+ months. The mirror toy can be used for visual tracking, self-awareness, and physical development.

Colors Board Book: Reading aloud helps promote language development, and helps to strengthen the relationship between caregivers and infants. Visit the Danbury Library for more books to read to your child.

20 Activity Cards: The cards are packed with helpful information and daily activities to help you interact with your baby.

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