Memory Kit: Danbury History

Kit Contents

Books and Postcards: Local history books and images about the Danbury Fair, Marion Anderson, and historic Candlewood Lake postcards can help individuals reminisce and recall memories specific to our area.

Jigsaw Puzzles and Felt Memory Game: Puzzles can provide distraction or provide cognitive stimulation to help keep the brain engaged and active.

Stress Ball: Sensory stimulation for Alzheimer’s patients and people with other forms of dementia has been shown to decrease agitation, reduce restlessness and even improve sleep.

MP3 Player and Headphones: Auditory stimulation for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia is very effective for mood enhancement, relaxation and cognition. The physical activity and stimulation of listening to and following a rhythm both add to the benefits of the passive auditory stimulation and has also been shown to improve memory in Alzheimer’s patients.

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