Video-Maker Workshop Series: Be A Weather Forecaster!

This is your chance to create your own Weather Forecast under the guidance of student meteorologists of the Western Connecticut State University’s Weather Center! This series will cover the basics such as the following:

Fundamentals of Weather forecasting
Attendees will research various websites in which to obtain weather data to create a forecast such as the National Weather Service Zone Forecast, local media forecasts, model data and social media platform discussion groups.

Weather Presentation Creation
Attendees will be taught in the use of software to create icons and text forecasts, as well incorporate video from outside sources to produce a comprehensive forecast.

Recording A Weather Broadcast
Attendees will learn the finer points of broadcasting such as operation of the camera & software to record broadcasts. Proper dialogue to convey the forecast to the public, proper attire, and then each attendee will be given opportunity to record their own individual forecast!

Free! Registration required.