UFOs, Aliens and Poltergeists

Why is it that so many experiencers of alien abduction also have poltergeist or other negative phenomena begin in their homes? Why do many experiencers of ghostly phenomena suddenly start seeing UFOS?

These “crossover phenomena” are now known and accepted among many UFO investigators, but they were well known to Paul Eno as early as the 1970s.

Join Paul & Ben to look at the what, where, when and why of crossover phenomena from many cases over their combined nearly 70 years of paranormal adventuring.

Paul and Ben Eno are authors, broadcasters, and paranormal adventurers best known as the father-son co-hosts of the CBS Radio and WOON 1240 AM/99.5 FM Boston/Worcester/Providence Sunday destination show “Behind the Paranormal with Paul & Ben Eno.” With combined experience of 65 years in paranormal research, they have pioneered the “Progressive Theory and Method” of the paranormal, believing that UFOs, ghost and poltergeist phenomena, cryptids and other areas of the paranormal are closely connected.

This is a hybrid program, you may attend in person at the Danbury Library or via Zoom. Participants will receive a link to the program via email once they have registered. Free. Registration required.