The Demon Rum and The Connecticut Gold Coast: Prohibition, Rum Running and Temperance

In 1920, the 18th Amendment was enacted, banning the sale of alcohol across the country. However, in our “land of steady habits,” alcohol consumption was a habit that proved hard to break.

Take a trip back to the roaring 20’s to learn about Connecticut’s unique role in the prohibition movement, from the early temperance advocates of Litchfield to the lawless rum runners of Long Island Sound.

Using extensive research and archival material, filmmaker and historian Richard Webb returns to Danbury Library for a discussion about the history of alcohol in Fairfield County. Throughout this multimedia presentation, you’ll hear the unbelievable tales of real life Connecticut residents who influenced the culture of our state – from rum runners to teetotalers and everyone in between!

Free! Registration Required. Please Note: This is a virtual program via Zoom. Participants will receive a link to the meeting via email once they have registered.