Tai Chi for Beginners

Adam Tilbe from Vital Energy Integrative Wellness will teach Tai Chi plus Qigong Class for beginners at Danbury Library starting on March 3rd, 2022.

In this class, you will learn a simple, but powerful set of exercises that can help you improve your health, posture, energy level and lifestyle. All of the these gentle, effective, meditative exercises are performed standing up and at your comfort level. You will also learn the first 8 movements of the Yang Style 24 step form.

The benefits of Tai Chi can reduce stress and anxiety, increase mental clarity, enhance mind and body connection, improve joint mobility and flexibility, increase strength and muscle tone, improve cardiorespiratory function and decrease high blood pressure.

Adam Tilbe is a certified trainer and an experienced Tai Chi and Qigong instructor. He has been studying and teaching such classes for 18 years. Adam received training from the most respected masters in the United States and also from Shaolin Temple Tai Chi masters. His classes are always very popular and well attended.

Free! Registration Required. Attendees should be able to move around and be physically fit.