Spy Mistresses: The Story of Allied Women Spies of WWII

We imagine spies to be masters of intrigue and deception, seducers and seductresses of exceptional talent. Many take dangerous risks, complete their missions and live to tell the tale.

Spies belong to a special group of people with flexible identities, elastic morals and what has been referred to by some as situational ethics. They covertly serve their governments, some multiple governments, and do not hesitate to kill in the service of their countries.

Women spy roles in WWII have been largely unappreciated until recently. They played pivotal roles, saving tens of thousands of lives and helped to ensure Allied victory. Join us to learn more about a few of the special women that served the Allies in WWII.

John is a well-known historian who focuses on the mid twentieth-century. He is a great storyteller. His books and articles cover a wide range of topics from historical aviation topics to women’s accomplishments in the WWII workplace. John has spoken to large and small audiences in more than 60 countries around the world. Free, registration is required.

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