Science of Curiosity

Curiosity about the world around us has led to some amazing scientific discoveries!

Join us Friday afternoons for stories about the men and women whose curiosity has given us knowledge about sharks, created a way of sending messages over great distances, and even the Popsicle! Each session includes a hands-on activity.

September 11 – Frank Epperson and the Popsicle
September 18 – Eugenie Clark and Sharks
September 25 – Albert Einstein and Relativity
October 2 – Marie Curie and Radiation
October 9 – Samuel Morse and Morse Code
October 16 – Ada Lovelace and Computer Programming

Ages 5 and up welcome!

Registration is not required. Please note, this is a pre-recorded virtual event on Facebook. Tune in when it airs live, or visit our Facebook at a later time and watch it then. You do not need a Facebook account to participate. Come join us at