Science Creations Workshops

Science Creations workshops: Have you ever wondered about how the human body works or why certain animals are going extinct or even how to make a homemade rocket? Find the answers to these questions and more at the Science Creations workshops with our “Scientist”-in-Residence, Shelja Patel at the Danbury Library! In these fun, educational science workshops, participants will engage in hands on activities and exciting experiments while learning basic science concepts.

Topics to include:

Inside the human body: Explore the wonders of the human body from head to toe. Learn about the different parts of the brain, how your muscles work and what reflexes are. Do some fun activities to test out your senses and make a thinking cap!

Go Green: Let’s keep the planet beautiful for the future and learn what we can do to stop damage to the environment as we learn about natural resources, endangered animals, UV light and renewable energy!

Basic Chemistry : become a young scientist and do some fun experiments to learn about acids and bases, different elements and the properties of different molecules.

FREE! Ages 7+

Registration Required.

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