Saturday Crafternoons

Join us online for some crafting fun, using easily accessible materials you probably already have at home!

Great summer fun for kids 10+. Younger children are welcome, but may need an adult or teen to help.

Our sessions will cover:

7/10 DIY Shadow Puppets
Supplies needed: toilet paper roll, tape (packing or wrapping or both), scissors, permanent marker, OR paper OR a small figurine, flashlight

7/17 Knit like a Viking! DIY Knitting Fork
Supplies needed: toilet paper roll, scissors, yarn. (Optional; pen or pencil)

7/24 Milk Marbling. Make some beautiful, colored paper!
Supplies needed: a flat tray ( a bread pan or cake pan will work), a little milk, food coloring, dish soap, a q-tip, and paper.

7/31 Make Marbled Paper with Shaving Cream
Supplies needed: a pan, as above, shaving cream, a spatula, food coloring, a stick, wide comb or other tool for making patterns, a ruler or stiff piece of cardboard, some paper

8/7 DIY Ice Cream in a Bag
Supplies needed: 2 Ziploc bags, one large and one small, half and half, vanilla, sugar, ice and salt.

Free! No need to register, just visit Danbury Library’s Facebook page a few minutes before 2pm: