Podcast BootCamp

This bootcamp program is for students young and old to learn skills needed to create podcasts through a series of directed lessons and exercises. The program is for teens and adults, and each session will run for 60-90 minutes per week for five weeks. Quinnipiac University professor, David DesRoches, will guide participants in the learning process.

Each day arranged as follows:

1. Session One: Parts of a podcast and how to make one

  • Students learn the parts of a podcast and the basics of audio recording, production and editing using free Audacity software.
  • At home exercise: Record a brief introduction of themselves: who they are, what they’re interested in, what they like about podcasts. Also tell us one thing that not many people know about them.

2. Session Two: Using music and sound effects

  • Brief review of first podcasts.
  • Students learn how to find royalty-free music and sound effects and how to use them in a podcast.
  • At home exercise: Students record a short podcast using only sounds.

3. Session Three: Writing for the ear

  • Brief review of second podcast
  • Students learn about writing for the ear
  • At home exercise: Students pick a photo or object at home and describe the thing in detail after writing the description.

4. Session Four: Personality and Voicing

  • Brief review of third podcast.
  • Students learn how to develop their voice through vocal exercises and how to avoid sounding fake or forced while recording.
  • At home exercise: Students retell a classic fairy tale using music, their voice, and sound effects.

5. Session Five: Getting your podcast out there

  • Brief review of fourth podcast.
  • Students learn the basics of audio mastering, podcast hosting, and distribution.
  • Students discuss ideas for their own podcast and share thoughts with each other on how to do it best.

Each of the “at-home exercises” will be started in class, worked on during the week, and brought to the following class.

Course requirements:

  • Access to computer (preferably a laptop)
  • Audacity, a free audio editing software, on their computer
  • Interest in podcasting and a desire to have fun!

Free! Registration Required. Please Note: This is a Hybrid program. Participants may come to the Danbury Library to attend the course, or they will receive a ZOOM link to the program via email once they have registered, if they choose to participate virtually.