Nourishing the Nervous System: Herbs for Stress & Anxiety

We could all use a little stress relief these days. Luckily, the plants are here to help! Join Nora Toomey, Clinical Herbalist of True Bloom, to dive deep into a handful of plants that nourish and support the nervous system.

In this one-hour program, you will learn plant actions and energetics, as well as practical applications and preparations of various plants that prevent and relieve anxiety. Make yourself a cup of tea and join us for a night of connecting to the plants!

Nora Toomey is a Certified Clinical Herbalist and co-founder of Flower & Frequency. Nora’s background is in poetry, learning how to cultivate deep self-care rituals, and opening her heart to the healing journey as it unfolds. She has a Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry from California College of the Arts, and an Undergraduate degree in Writing and Women’s Studies. She is very excited about the intersections of poetry, sound meditation, the power of story, and plant medicine.

FREE! Registration is required. Please Note: This is a virtual program via Zoom. Participants will receive a link to the program via email upon completing registration.