Print from Home

Print and pay from home with your phone, tablet, or computer and pick up your documents at the library during curbside hours. Credit card or MobilPay accepted.

If you require your documents immediately, please call to confirm that the library building is open and please call in advance to ensure that your documents are ready before coming to pick them up.

Print from Phone/Tablet
  1. Install the app “Princh” for Android or iOS
  2. Open document and share it with the Princh app
  3. Choose the library printer ID (103037) and your printing settings
  4. Pay from your tablet/mobile device
  5. iOSAndroid

Print from Laptop/Home Computer
  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Choose document and the library printer ID (103037)
  3. Choose your printing settings
  4. Pay from your laptop/computer
  5. Princh

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to print?
    • After you have uploaded your document to print, you can choose to print in black and white or in color.
    • Black and white copies are 15¢ per page and color copies are 50¢ per page.
  • What payment options does Princh offer?
    • Current payment options include credit and debit cards, PayPal, MobilePay, and Swish.
    • Coming soon are Apple Pay and Google Wallet.
  • How do I pick up what I have printed?
    • Your printed materials can be picked up using our curbside service from 10am-6pm.
    • Please retrieve your print jobs within 48 hours of sending them to print.
    • Unclaimed printed material will be discarded after a week.
  • How do I print a webpage or email from a laptop or desktop computer?
    • Since Princh requires you to upload the content you wish to print, the easiest way to print the body of an email or a webpage is to save it as a PDF first.
    • To save as a PDF, you can go through the motions to print as you normally would if you had a printer in your home, but choose “Save as PDF” in the area that you would select a printer.
    • Click here for more detail and a video guide.
  • Will my printed documents be seen by anyone else?
    • Although library staff protect patron information and privacy, documents do not print with a cover sheet and will be viewable by library staff.
    • Please be mindful of this when printing private information.
    • Library staff will ask you to identify the content of your print job for pickup.
  • I don’t want to print from my personal device, can I still come in and use a computer to print?
    • Library computer use, scanning, and faxing is available by appointment only.