Master Gardener Talk Series with Donna Katsuranis

Join us at the Danbury Library for an enlightening series of talks by Connecticut Master Gardener Donna Katsuranis. These engaging presentations are designed to raise awareness about gardening and growing food while providing valuable insights into various gardening topics.

As part of this series, we are excited to showcase our new Tower Garden, adding a dynamic element to the discussions. After each presentation, there will be a lively discussion where you can exchange ideas and gain further insights.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn, engage, and discuss the exciting world of gardening and sustainable food production.

Free for Ages 16+. Registration is Required.

January 30, 2024: “Meditation Gardens”

Explore the serene world of meditation gardens as Donna Katsuranis guides us through creating tranquil and contemplative outdoor spaces. Discover how these gardens can offer moments of reflection, relaxation, and a connection to nature. With our Tower Garden on display, we’ll explore ways to incorporate these concepts into vertical gardening.


February 27, 2024: “Color, Texture, Structure, and more – Garden Design for Four-Season Interest”

Dive into the art of garden design with a focus on year-round beauty and visual interest. Donna Katsuranis will discuss how to combine color, texture, and structural elements to create captivating gardens that thrive throughout the seasons. Our Tower Garden will be a living example of innovative gardening approaches.


March 26, 2024: “Herbs & Kitchen Gardens”

Uncover the world of culinary delights as we delve into herbs and kitchen gardens. Donna Katsuranis will share tips for cultivating herbs and creating functional kitchen gardens, even in limited spaces. Explore how our Tower Garden can serve as an excellent tool for growing herbs and fresh produce right at your fingertips.