Mad Science Freaky Lab

Ready for some freaky science fun? Join Mad Science for a mad mix of chemistry and physics in their Freaky Lab and discover all the fizzing, booming, and sparkling experiments that are happening inside! From colorful fires to making our own bubbles, don’t miss this hands-on workshop with a big booming finale!

Materials required for At Home Bubble Solution:

• 1 clear cup
• 1/4 cup liquid soap
• ¾ cup water
• 2 Tablespoons Sugar (or Corn syrup or Honey)
• 1 large Straw
• Towel
• Spoon for Mixing
• Any Container with lid to save the solution

Free! For ages 6+. Registration required to receive a zoom invitation. Please note, this is a LIVE event presented on Zoom. Details will be sent to the email provided during registration.