Introduction to Stop-Motion Animation

In this series of workshops, teens will learn the basics of stop motion animation while gaining hands-on experience animating their own creations. Animation director and filmmaker Jhonny Parks will deliver an immersive, unique experience where students will learn the art of bringing their creations to life!

Tuesdays & Wednesdays starting November 5
No class November 19 & 27

Classes 1 – 2: Intro to Stop Motion
Students will acquire a basic understanding of what stop motion animation is and what a finished project looks like.

Classes 3 – 4: Character Design
Students will learn how to sketch a basic character design, and how to make a concept drawing and methods to give their character “personality” and a background story.

Classes 5 – 6: Armature Creation
Students will learn how to construct an armature (skeleton) for their character model, the different materials used in the process, and how to complete a finished animation puppet ready to be animated.

Class 7 – 8: Building a Set
Students will learn how to make a background for their animation, and how to make props to add life to their set.

Class 9 – 10: Animation
Students will animate their characters, learn camera and lighting techniques to illuminate their set properly.

Screening – Presentation Day

Students will present their project in front of an audience through use of a projector screen and explain their projects to audience. Videos will be uploaded to YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

Free! Registration required. For ages 12 – 18.