Hold Mailing for Danbury Residents

The Danbury Library is pleased to begin offering Danbury residents the option of requesting library items to be mailed to their home. This option is only available to Danbury residents at this time.

We ask that you limit your requests to one item per library card. If you currently have multiple items on hold, staff will use their discretion to choose one of your titles to mail. You will be able to receive another item by mail once all your items are returned and checked in.

Under guidance from the Danbury Health Department, items with touch screens, devices, and bags will not be circulated.

All material will have a 3 week loan period.

The Danbury Library is working hard behind the scenes to proceed with our Junior floor renovation. Because of this, children and teen material is currently not available for request.

The library’s book drop is now open for returns of items. If you are unable to get to the library, please call 203-797-4505 extension 7707.

We appreciate your patience during this time.

Holds may be placed through the library’s online catalog. Or, they may be placed by phone by calling 203-797-4505 extension 7707.