History and Legends Through Song

Jon Waterman will take you on a tour of fascinating, sometimes legendary, sometimes little known characters and happenings over nearly 5000 years of history.

The musical journey includes stops in ancient Sumeria, 14th century Europe, the Old West and the trenches of World War One! Along the way, we’ll meet the earliest known author, an ancient Hittite king, an epic medieval battle, a feared California bandit, the birth of the blues and many others- all in songs and stories.

Jon Waterman, a musician and songwriter, has been performing his original songs along with blues, rock and country standards throughout his life. His music is influenced by intriguing characters and stories from history, the roots of the music he loves, and the diversity of the human experience. His performances are unique combining music history, storytelling and original songs inspired by his research. His performance is a must see for anyone interested in American history or American music.

Free! Registration Required. Please Note: This is a virtual program via ZOOM. Participants will receive a link to the meeting via email once they have registered.