Foraging Wild Plants and Mushrooms

Autumn is a time of bounty and harvest for woodland creatures and foragers alike: nuts are falling to the forest floor, fruits are ripening and scenting the crisp fall air, roots and tubers are thickening up in anticipation of sustaining the plants through the tough winter, and edible fungi can be found in astounding amounts.

Learn how to identify, sustainably harvest, and prepare the wild foods of autumn, from acorns through minty wintergreen leaves, including golden honey mushrooms and maitake, the “dancing mushroom”. Join us for an engaging talk with Karen Monger of The 3 Foragers to learn about the edible plants and fungi of autumn, how to identify them, and recipe ideas!

For ages 16+ Free! Registration Required. Please Note: This is a virtual program. Participants will receive a ZOOM link to the program via email once they have registered.