“Energy in Action” Mobile Exhibit: Empowering Tomorrow’s Sustainable Generation

Experience an extraordinary mobile learning adventure designed to inspire students to become the energy-efficient leaders of tomorrow!

Participants learn how to make decisions that will not only manage energy, but will help the planet, too. Witness and participate in mind-blowing, energy-saving experiments.

Presented by the Makerlab at the Danbury Library and Energize Connecticut.

Highlights include:

  • Energy Grid: Trace electrical power’s path from generation to homes.
  • Plasma Tube: Feel built-up charge around your hand.
  • Thermal Tunnel: See your body’s thermal energy on screen.
  • Water Wall: Stack pegs to visualize daily water use.
  • Generation Station: Power bulbs with physical effort.
  • Wind Power Podium: Illuminate LED bulb via wind power.
  • Light Wall: Collective energy-saving action creates a lit image.
  • Pass It On: Share positive energy messages.
  • Solar Power: Learn about rooftop solar panels.
  • Careers: Explore green jobs in energy efficiency.

FREE for Children, Teens and Adults. We encourage students from local Danbury schools to visit this mobile exhibit as a field trip!

No registration required.