Critical Information on the Prevention and Care of Lyme Disease

There is a silent epidemic of Lyme Disease, which started in the Northeast and spreading across our country. Most routine doctor’s offices are ill-prepared to handle and deal with this condition which can lead to lifelong damage and disease.

Dr. Hoffman will discuss important new information from scientific sources on what to do if you find a tick, what tests to run that actually work and what protocols can work to eradicate Lyme. Additionally, he will present the science-based Integrative Natural protocols that can help relieve chronic Lyme for 80% or more of those who suffer.

Dr. Kenneth Hoffman, a DAOM, L.AC., is the Medical Director and Founder of Sophia Natural Health Center. He has been practicing Natural Medicine for many years and has treated thousands of patients. He was the host of ‘The Natural Medicine Connection’ on 800 AM WLAD.