Creature Creation Summer Camp with Jhonny Parks

In this 3 day camp, participants will learn the process of creating an advanced creature puppet from start to finish. By the end of the class, the participants will have hands-on experience with creating concept sketches, designing a blue-print for their creature’s armature, sculpting technique, character build up, as well as painting and mold making and casting. This workshop will motivate creativity and teach the participants techniques with thinking “outside the box”.

Class 1: Pre Production (Planning Process)
In the first class, participants will learn how to draw concept sketches for their creatures, as well as create detailed blue-prints for their armatures. The armatures will be soon after be constructed using armature wire and “Apoxie Sculpt” to form a long lasting, posable structure.

Class 2: Creature Build Up Phase / Head sculpting
In this class, participants will learn how to build up their creation through advanced techniques of foam build up, as well as dressing the foam with liquid latex “skin”, this will strengthen, as well as bulk up the appearance of the creature. Participants will create a head with eye sockets, allowing eyeballs (wooden beads) to be placed in.Students will be able to color their creature’s appearance by adding a touch of acrylic paint to the liquid latex on the final layers of the skin buildup. At the end of this class, the participants will make a quick sculpt of a replaceable component, or an accessory for their creature, ready to be molded and casted to create duplicates of their sculpture.

Class 3: Final Touch Up Phase / Mold Making Replaceable Part
In this final class, participants will make some final adjustments to their creatures, including more skin build up if required. They will create molds of their replaceable part / accessory through the use of silicone rubber. Soon after, participants will cast duplicates of these sculptures through advanced resin casting techniques.

By the end of this class, everyone will have a finished creature puppet to take home, as well as animate if they choose to do so.

Free for ages 13 – 17, registration is required.