All About Electric Bikes with Shepherd Myers

E-bikes are growing in popularity and are more than just a trend. As people are challenged by rising fuel prices or want to get back into bicycling but struggle with hills, e-bikes may be an ideal solution. Yet, purchasing an electric bike can be an overwhelming, confusing, and costly experience. Join Shepherd Myers as he shares his knowledge of what to look for in an e-bike.

Shepherd will discuss the pros and cons of retrofitting your own bike, buying directly through the internet, or purchasing from a bike shop. He will compare e-bikes, e-scooters, gas powered scooters and motorcycles, considering the range and power of each option. Shepherd will bring his own retrofitted e-bike to show the group. (There will be no test riding at this event.) If you are interested in retrofitting, you may want to bring in a picture of your existing bike to discuss with him following the talk. He will help assess if it is convertible or not.

Shepherd has been an avid cyclist for 29 years, having raced mountain bikes and on the road and worked as a bicycle mechanic in his youth. Professionally he was a Collections Manager in Natural History Museums for over a decade. During that time he did extensive scientific outreach with the broader community.

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