A History of Death Notices & Obituary Writing Workshop

An obituary can become the last chapter of your book. How will you be remembered? Join Sahara Farrugio, Licensed Funeral Director, in a guided obituary writing workshop.

You will learn how to trace the history of public death notices and how they have evolved over time, hearing examples from several eras. Discover what is important to you as you face your humanity, mortality, with this deep dive into your legacy.

Saharah Farrugio is an expert at composing and performing ceremonies as well as the ability to host services that would reflect the wishes and values of loved ones and families. Further into her career, she became an Advanced Planning Specialist, which combined her love of the funeral industry and experience as a funeral director with the ability to help men and woman at all ages and stages of life work through the process of preplanning for funeral services.

Free, Registration is required.