Western Connecticut UFO Conference


Linda Zimmermann: “UFOs of the Hudson Valley and Western CT”
Linda Zimmermann will be presenting some of the best cases from over a century of sightings in the Hudson Valley of New York and western Connecticut. Many of the Connecticut cases are the result of eyewitnesses who attended the first UFO Conference at the Danbury Library in 2016, and everyone is encouraged to come share their experiences.

Paul & Ben Eno: “Flap Areas: UFOs and the Paranormal on Steroids!”
Join father-son paranormal adventurers, authors and broadcasters Paul & Ben Eno, for a jarring journey into “flap areas,” regions of frequent but seemingly unrelated paranormal events, including UFOs, ghosts, cryptids, time slips and phenomena that don’t even have names yet. Paul and Ben, with combined experience of nearly 60 years in paranormal research, believe they know how these events are indeed related, and why the military is so interested in them. Special emphasis on the Litchfield Triangle, in which Danbury is located.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley: “The Effects of Contact”
New research reveals a startling picture of what happens to people who have contact with alien life forms.

Michael Panicello Executive Director of MUFON CT: “UFO Hunter’s Workshop”
Join members of MUFON Connecticut in a fascinating workshop on how you can become a UFO Hunter!

More Details to come…