The Keys to Combating Fake News: A Seminar on Building Media Literacy

Don’t Take the Bait! A seminar on building media literacy.

Efforts to control the spread of information date back to Middle Ages. Mass communication is paramount to informing ourselves and our opinions. Furthermore, fake, misleading or inaccurate information disguised as news is nothing new; it is phenomenon that also dates back centuries.

Here’s what is new: Anyone with a smartphone and wifi connection can create and perpetuate content. Thus we must become media savvy which means developing the habits of fact-checkers, understanding the impact of filter bubbles, as well as learning the tools we can use in order to be productive participants in online and in-person discourse. This interactive discussion will provide instruction and practice in media literacy strategies.

Presented by Jacquelyn Whiting who is a Google Certified Innovator focused on medial literacy and an educator with 25 years experience in public high schools in Connecticut. She is certified in both social studies and library media. She has presented at ISTE and AASL as well as guest appearing regularly on webinars produced by News Literacy: The Keys to Combating Fake News, the book she co-authored, is due out in May 2018.

FREE! Registration Required. Ages 12+


Don’t miss part two of this discussion on July 30th.